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I created Logos Bible Software with a friend when I was 19 years old.

Over the past 28 years, our team has grown from two to 400, and Logos is used by millions of people around the world.

It’s all because of my parents.

My parents didn’t push me to excel. I was neither the valedictorian nor the sports star. My parents didn’t give me huge goals to achieve.

Instead, they gave me a simple, powerful gift:

My parents gave me permission to start.

When I had an idea, they encouraged me to do something with it. When I started a business, they helped me get it going. When I started Faithlife, they supported me and participated. They gave me permission to start my next thing right now.

And I want to share that permission—both the encouragement and the how-to—with others. As a business leader, I share it with employees; as a parent, I share it with my kids. And I have shared it in Start Next Now, a short little book full of blunt, funny, practical advice on how to get ahead. It’s the kind of book that can advance your career before you even finish reading it. Which won’t take long, because it’s short.

And now it’s free.

Click this link to get it now using coupon code SNxN. You can read it online at (with videos and interactive exercises interspersed) or through your Logos or Faithlife Ebooks app on a mobile device.

The online version uses your existing Faithlife / Logos account.

You’re welcome to share this coupon code with others; it’s perfect for people graduating, starting a new ministry, or considering a career transition. Paper copies are inexpensive and available from the website or

And if you do read Start Next Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can email me at

Bob Pritchett
President/CEO, Faithlife